Buy a Product, Plant a Tree

For every product you buy, we'll plant a tree

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Why Plant Trees?

Encourage Wildlife

Wildlife will be encouraged to the newly created ecosystem. Trees are a necessity to support the lives of many living things and are mainly used for food, shelter, and animal reproduction.

Stop Climate Change

When the newly planted trees start to grow, they will help to stop climate change. The trees remove the Carbon Dioxide from the air and the atmosphere is then released with oxygen.

Improve Health

Trees are essential in order for us to survive. More trees are needed to be planted in order to create the air that we breathe and to filter this air from any potential/harmful pollution.

Prevent Floods

Floods will be prevented from planting more trees. The trees that are planted will help build soil, protect soil and will eventually soak up the rainwater (which prevents large floods from occurring).

Our Mission

Our Mission is to plant a tree for every product purchased via our website. We want to give something back to the world in-which we live and provide a greener planet for future generations.
Adam White

How it Works?

For each and every product sold via our website, we will plant one tree at our Intelligent Membranes HQ, based in Cambridgeshire, England. We have over 10 acres of land ready to be filled with our tree seedlings! One step at a time we will provide our future generations with a greener planet. 

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